Hegri couch 2018

For a long time I had a Moroccan couch in my living room. I love the shape and the social aspect it brings but I felt the colours and materials could be updated to make it more sleek and elegant. The result is my couch design ‘Hegri’. Hegri is Icelandic for ‘Heron’ which continues my theme of naming products after birds.

The base is made out of wood and comes in two different colours, one in a creamy yellow and the other in a vibrant pink. On top of the couch rests big, nutmeg coloured pillows. Everything is tied together by a number of smaller pillows in contrasting and complementing shades that bring out the character in the fabrics made by among others, FEBRIK.

Upholstery: Garçonnes

Available per request

For more information please send an email to:

Photographs © Renske Francissen

Barbet lamp 2016

This project started when I looked at an old, tired birdcage in my apartment. I started to think about how I could transform this old, tired birdcage into something new. Then the idea struck me. I started to wrap the birdcage in colorful yarn. This two week long process was to be the maiden voyage that would later develop into my Barbet lamps. The name ‘Barbet’ comes from a kind of bird of the same name. Barbets are colorful, vibrant birds that should never be confined in a cage. My lamps are made out of wire-frames and wrapped in colorful yarn.

Each lamp (Ø 300 × 350 mm) is handmade, unique and takes about fourteen hours to construct. Thank you INTI for the beautiful Alpaca wool!

Available per request, TictailStudio Travel (Copenhagen, DK), C-More Concept Store (Nijmegen, NL) and Loods 5 (Zaandam, NL).

For more information please send an email to:

Photographs © Renske Francissen


An installation I made for matter .of material in their pop-up store (Reestraat 14, Amsterdam, March 2017).

Koel Magazine

Barbets featured in Koel Magazine issue #7.

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